Supplier Benefits

Being a member of ARL means being a part of a co-operative of likeminded retailers, backed by a National Support Office with the experience and knowledge to help you grow your business. In an industry in which partnerships are paramount, ARL members are able to combine independence with the benefits of membership of one of Australia’s largest multi-product retail groups.

ARL has Members in over 400 retail locations around Australia and New Zealand and our brands are the perfect conduit for suppliers to reach a large number of retail doors. We provide a network of retailers across regional Australia enabling suppliers to reach our Members through our divisional product teams and not having to service hundreds of locations directly.

Centralised Buying

ARL provides suppliers with one central point for billing and account reconciliation. Instead of chasing individual Members for remittance, simply upload your invoices for the group to our portal and ARL will manage payments on our members’ behalf.

Buying Events

ARL conducts regular buying events where Members come together to network and engage with current and prospective suppliers. Nothing beats face to face engagement and suppliers can get that via ARL events without having to visit hundreds of doors.

Market Exposure

With some of the largest retail networks in Sports, Toys, Outdoors and Menswear, suppliers can have a brand and product presence right across Australia and New Zealand. This increases the opportunity for consumers to get close to your product in a way that online distribution just can’t deliver.

Service Suppliers

You may not have products in our categories but suppliers of retail services can benefit from access to our large network. Get in touch with us to see what opportunities await.

Experienced Product Teams

ARL has experienced staff in our divisional product teams that work with suppliers to provide a platform for selling and product understanding. Working with our product teams you will gain understanding of our network and identify opportunities to grow your sales with our group.