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One of Australia’s premier sporting good brands. SportsPower had its beginnings in 1978 when a group of 8 independent retailers banded together and formed a co-operative called ‘Sports Star’. Their concept was simple, operating as a group must offer greater advantages than trying to survive as individual retailers.

Growth in membership followed and Sports Star become City and Country Sports which thrived and in turn changed its name to SportsPower in 1985. A rapidly changing and competitive environment in the later 1990s saw both SportsPower and Sportscene looking for ways to strengthen their positions in the industry.  Fundamental to this was the need to provide more value to members and as a result both joined ARL.

With the buying power of a national group, SportsPower provides its members with competitive prices from global brands and national suppliers across a complete range of sporting equipment, apparel and footwear. They also enjoy the benefits of a well-known and highly reputable brand, preferential trading terms with suppliers, a central charge-through system, comprehensive product ranges and ‘own brand’ product lines. All these advantages are backed by a dedicated product and marketing team of experienced sport and retail experts.

Boasting stores right around Australia, SportsPower is renowned for its personalised specialist service, expert advice and loyal and dedicated customer base.