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One of Australia’s premier sporting goods brands, SportsPower had its beginnings in 1978, when a group of eight independent retailers banded together for a co-operative called “Sports Star”. Their concept was simple – operating as a group must surely offer greater advantages than trying to survive as individual retailers.

Rapid growth in membership followed. Sports Star became “City and Country Sports” which thrived, and in turn changed its name to SportsPower in 1985. Since then, the group has continued to increase its advertising and marketing presence. An aggressive expansion program now sees SportsPower with a significant Member network which is highly regarded, within both the sporting goods industry and with customers.

At the same time, the Sydney based Sportscene Group had approximately 90 Members throughout NSW, Queensland and South Australia with a small number of stores in other States.

A rapidly changing competitive environment in the late 1990s, in particular the emergence of large corporate competitors, saw both SportsPower & Sportscene looking for ways to strengthen their positions in the industry. Fundamental to this was the need to provide more value to Members. As a result, both joined ARL (within 12 months of each other from 2001) and the combined group of approximately 140 stores now forms the Sports division of ARL.

With the buying power of a National Group, SportsPower provides its Members with competitive prices from national suppliers, and a complete range of sporting equipment, apparel and footwear. Each SportsPower store gives its customers the personal specialised committed service only a local based store can.

All SportsPower Members enjoy the benefits of a well known and highly reputable trading identity, preferential trading terms with suppliers, comprehensive as well as exclusive product range, “own brand” products for extra margin. A central charge-through system saves time and money. All these benefits are backed by a dedicated product and marketing team of experienced sports and retail experts.

Today ARL gives SportsPower the buying power, business support and marketing tools required in a tough competitive marketplace to succeed in a rapidly changing industry.

For more information about SportsPower, visit: www.sportspower.com.au/

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The benefits to me include the ability to bulk buy but still with freedom of choice, savings due to trading terms (buying power), networking within a large group of stores, and the marketing power through the group with their catalogues and POS program.

SportsPower (Singleton, NSW)