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Advertising and Marketing

ARL’s expertise and influence puts Members on equal terms with larger competitors, using marketing and promotional resources which are comparable to those of major retail groups.

Catalogue Advertising

Cost-effective catalogue advertising

National and regional advertising promotions feature seasonal lines. Strategically targeted, personalised catalogues take advantage of volume requirements to minimise production and distribution costs.

TV, radio and print media back-up

Hard-hitting media campaigns can be difficult or even prohibitive for an independent retailer. ARL’s substantial expertise and media buying power yields a better result at an affordable cost.

ToyWorld Website

Digital Media

Each ARL brand boasts a fully interactive online presence through individual brand websites. ARL is moving  towards eCommerce and will provide a complete omni-channel marketing solution in the near future

Support from top brands
ARL receive supplier support for co-ordinated advertising and promotions with whom it maintains strong relationships.

Merchandising maximises gain
ARL provides cost-effective solutions for shop fittings, window and in-store displays, point-of-sale materials and the supply of carry bags and packaging materials.

Team Rates
ARL Team Rates provide Members with competitive third party services including EFTPOS rates, travel, petrol, insurance, office supplies, car rental and more